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05-21-2013, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
Maybe...maybe not. Stating they would have won with Lundqvist is your opinion. Stating they did win with Mike Richter is a fact.

While Richter certainly did have much, much better players on that team, Hank is on a team that plays a much, much more defensive system, designed to protect our goalie, than Richter was. Richter did not have that benefit.

Please note I am not here to disparage Hank...I love Hank, and I'm rooting with all my heart he accomplishes everything Mike Richter did in the playoffs. But people who rationalize what Mike Richter did, and what he meant to that Ranger team, either do not remember or were too young to appreciate Mike Richter's role in that championship.

Hank's play in the Stanley Cup semifinals was...looking for a word...inconsistent? Not Hank-like? What Mike Richter did in the semifinals and Stanley Cup finals was special.

Let's Go Hank!!!
I remember 1994 just fine, and I remember Richter being the 3rd biggest piece of that winning puzzle behind Leetch and Messier.

Lundqvist is the most important piece to this organization for the past 8 seasons, and no one else comes close, at all. Hes not going to play perfect, just like Richter didnt play perfectly - despite the romanticized versions of a cup win. The bigger issue is Richter had quite a few guys capable of bailing him out while Lundqvist has nobody.

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