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Originally Posted by What the Faulk View Post
His point was that JR is afraid to draft high defensemen, opting to go the free agency route, because he was burned 16 years ago by Nikos Tselios, despite the fact that he drafted Ryan Murphy higher than any of the defensemen mentioned in that post except Jack Johnson.

He also called Hagemo and McBain "huge busts", which they aren't, and ignored the likely successful picks that JR has made in the last couple drafts, all taken higher than those "huge busts".

Trying to make your point by relating to things that happened over a decade ago while ignoring recent history is cherry picking.

I'm sorry but I can't help you put two and two together if you're unable.

And it *is* a bad strategy if you're a budget team with so much money already tied up in forwards. Cheap defensemen (and all positions really) from within are musts to fill out a competitive roster.

He may have shied away once because of Nikos Tselios, but that's not the case anymore.
Sorry for not meeting your high faluting ****ing blue ribbon standards of excellence. I swear, I wonder sometimes why I keep posting here. If I want to listen to people nitpick every single point anybody says and act like everybody else is the worst thing inhabiting their little circle of perfection I can just talk to my ***** of a wife instead.

I'm done until the season starts. Have a nice few months, everyone.

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