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05-21-2013, 10:10 AM
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Used it last night.

I think I left it just a bit long, maybe 1/2" or so, didn't cause too many problems. Might shorten it a bit, might leave it. A little easier to catch wayward passes, a little off in terms of shooting.

Weight still felt good on ice but not as light as a top end stick. Balance is just a hair blade heavy. In context, it feels like a top end stick felt five years ago before true one piece construction was commonplace.

The matte finish isn't as grippy as I originally thought, but it didn't cause any trouble. Which is a bit surprising considering I like grippy sticks.

Puck feel seems pretty decent. It's not pingy or ceramic feeling. Granted only a couple guys on my Spring team can send a hard pass and nobody did last night, but soft passes, puckhandling, etc were all good. Again, not perfect, not that crisp yet soft feeling of today's top end stick, but more like a top end stick from five years ago. And better than a ~$100 price point for sure.

The flex actually is a bit weird to describe. It almost feels like a progressive loading, more so than a normal stick. At first it feels true to flex when you first lean on it, but it quickly gets stiff, like you can't overload the thing.

What that apparently means in terms of shooting is a LOT of kick. Better than anything else I'm using now and maybe the best I've used since my old Vapor X:60. Just a lot of pop on this thing for both wristers and snappers. To the point that several teammates remarked on it after the game which never happens, or at least hasn't happened in a long time. The stick loads up very quick on shots and releases very quick, but the loading is in the middle of the stick, not the bottom, so you don't have to lean way into the thing to get it to flex.

In warmups I took both wristers and snappers and they all came off the blade pretty quick and with some power behind them. Accuracy was pretty good but it's a pattern I haven't used in years and it's a bit long for me. In game I had a lot of great shots but ran into a really hot goalie. I probably had 6-8 shots including screened shots, goalie down and scrambling, high, low, five hole, etc. I did get a goal but on a tip so that doesn't really count in terms of shooting. But these shots came off quick.

One remarkable shot was using the defenseman as a screen then dragging the puck and snapping it off the toe. Normally this would be weak and wobble for me but this one went on net and hard and forced him to make a good blocker save. Part of this might be the pattern (P88 vs my usual P92), but I felt the stick add some kick to the shot.

Another note on the pattern, it felt pretty good coming from a P92 guy. I haven't used the P88 in years. A while back I changed my shooting technique from a heel-to-toe puck roll/sweep wrist shot to a cup the puck, lean and fire wrist/snap shot. I had found open curves add some velocity to these shots but of course tend to go high and make passing tricky. I still had plenty of pop on shots with the P88 but was able to keep them lower and more on net as well as make MUCH better passes. I mean dramatically better. Usually I get under passes too much which makes it pretty much impossible for most guys to catch, but I was able to give nice touch passes without flipping the puck. I realize that's very much a technique issue, but thought I'd throw that out there. And the more closed toe as I said above seemed to really help in shooting from the toe when I needed to.

So, longwinded for only using it once (although played every other shift plus warmups). But no game next week due to the holiday. Then two more games and the season is done.

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