Thread: Speculation: What do we do if we lose?
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05-21-2013, 09:21 AM
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You have to find out who the problem lies with. I think everyone can tell what the Hawks need to do especially on the PP. So is it the players not following up on the coaches orders or is it the coach giving bad coaching.

2nd is getting a mix of players in, I am fine with having guys like, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, who can do amazing things with the puck. However along side them you need some guys who can play a gritty but smart game, we don't need Carcillo and his stupid penalties but compare 2010 role guys to 2012. In terms of talent it's not so far off that it's not comparable, but it's the type of players.

We took guys like Ladd, Buff, Kopecky, Brouwer, Madden and replaced them with guys like Frolik, Shaw, Stalberg, Kruger, Handsuz. The first set of guys is guys who can play that phsysical gritty hockey and still produce, the later isn't.

Again there is a difference between goon and physical gritty player. The Hawks need a few of those guys so when teams get physical we have people who can match it and still produce and won't let it control their game.

The PP is the other thing, I'm not even sure we need to add people. Campbell is the only loss from the 2009-10-11 PP that was so good and Leddy is a very capable player. To me it's the system and again, don't know if that's coaching or players. But why we don't have a player to just sit in front of the net all PP long is mind boggling.

OMG! Look at what happens when you put people around a goalie and make him actually work to make a save, and a goalie who BTW is better then either goalie we have faced in the playoffs the last 2 years.

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