Thread: Speculation: What do we do if we lose?
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05-21-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Well, agree to disagree then. I think this is a dynasty, whether it wins any more than just the 1 Cup is up to the people running it. Obviously not everyone shares my opinion but yeah, I think we're ****ing up a great thing over having the wrong complementary parts, which is frustrating as can be. You keep the Cup team together, they win multiple Cups, I think we all agree there. Then why the **** don't you try to replace the guys you lost instead going in the complete opposite direction to prove some kind of point, or whatever the **** they are trying to do with this. I hope it works, I've hoped it works, but let's see some ****ing results pronto because this reinventing the wheel **** is really ****ing embarrassing when you lose.
What do you mean going in the complete opposite direction? I think Stalberg, Bickell, Shaw are a pretty good approximation for Brouwer, Versteeg, and Ladd. Obviously they didn't replace Buff but that is impossible. The difference between 09-10 and this playoff run is that Toews and Kane aren't both averaging over a point per game. If Toews was sitting on 14 points instead of 2, I imagine we'd have a different outlook on the Hawks playoff chances. Plus I wonder how everyone was feeling in 09-10 after we dumped 2 of the first 3 against Nashville by 4-1 margins.

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