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05-21-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
Happens in drafts all the time all around the world lol

I remember the 2011 USHL draft had a top 10 pick that went to BCHL instead and last years USHL draft Fred Gauthier went top 10 and he played with Rimouski this season and is now a projected first round pick lol

Same draft as Gauthier a team took Jankowski in the first round but he went straight to NCAA.

Plus getting the player to commit is the easy part when your in NA and talking about Euro players. QMJHL posters love to rip on Cape Breton because last year they picked #7 overall in the CHL Import draft and took a kid they knew would report... Problem is they never saw him live and it turned out he couldn't skate lmao

they cut him on the last possible day because they were so embarrassed they didn't wanna cut him right away lol it was just fail all around.

Plus last year a few first round picks never played in the GMHL. The leagues hilarious for all the wrong reason. I hope he reports simply to get him out of Div 2 leagues but the league is crum
Yeah I know but those are legit leagues, but what I mean is if they just looked at his stats they would think he was better than he actually is so they might be afraid of picking him incase he wanted to play in a better league. As I've said in the past most of the guys who go to the GMHL aren't even good by British standards.

I am not sure if he will report though, he's not a U18 anymore and if it were me I would rather stay on the Island and play for the Raiders for free in what is a better league. But maybe he doesn't know how rubbish the GMHL is.

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