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05-21-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
I like a lot of what you've written the last couple of pages, but don't fall off the edge into total exaggeration. The Habs were NOT demolished by our division. As E = CH² said, we were in a strong division. Even then, we dominated Boston, we righted the ship enough to whip the Leafs two out of the last three games, and we had a good record against Ottawa. Check out the inter-division records of the NE teams against each other:

MTL: 9-6-3
BOST: 10-6-2
TOR: 10-6-2
OTT: 7-8-3
BUFF: 9-7-2

Practically the same as Boston and Toronto and better than Ottawa. Our worst record was against the Atlantic division: 7-6-2. From that division, only Philly played us with any real physicality. Nobody demolished Montreal, which is why they finished 2nd in the EC.

And all your hyperbole about being rounded up and executed (though I dig the metaphor) really comes down to two playoff games where the Habs tried to act tough, but failed. In the end, we were executed by injuries and a couple of stupid undisciplined games. Wanna' pretend our entire season didn't happen? Your choice, but you ignore the fact that this team had an amazing season and is 90% there.

As to the remaining 10%, yeah, that's where we agree the Habs need more size - especially on D. But we need those bigger guys to wreck the other team's offensive setups and clear their forwards from around our net. We need a very functional type of size to get the puck out of our damn zone and crowd the other team's net; we don't need size for some vague notion of being 'tougher'.
This! The habs are actually pretty successful when they play tough teams and don't get sucked into their game. I remember watching Patches DD Gallagher wreak havoc against the Chara Boychuk Pairing in one of the games against boston this season. Whenever the bruins tried to bait them into playing their game, they would ignore it and continue winning.

Chara goons it up, habs don't react, they win the game. When the habs have huge brawls against toronto boston or ottawa, they lose every game.

Now like a poster said above, the speed and skill can't work every night, but that is all the habs are really good at. If boston can't intimidate, they have the skill and speed to adapt (except against the habs who can outclass them in that category). Chicago has everything, which is why they will always have a response for a disappointing game (like I'm sure we'll see in the CHI DET series). San Jose had crazy size, but they traded two of their most intimidating players to gain some speed so they can have more balance, even while sacrificing depth for a playoff run.

The habs don't have to beat Boston or Toronto at their own game, but they need another strategy to beat them when the speed and skill isn't enough on it's own. They need to wear out their forwards with big solid D... They need another dimension to their team as they only have one.

The only way this can really be done is by aqcuiring QUALITY players that sacrifices something the habs have a surplus of (speed, defensive forwards, offensive defensemen), and then add something more. A clowe (sacrificing speed) will still bring some quality offensive minutes, hitting and fighting... a Jarred Boll, Reaves would bring the same kind of minutes an armstrong could bring but add fighting (maybe at the expense of PKing) but add the intimidation and character factor.

While I can see the merit in getting a 4-5minute goon, I personally don't find the fighting factor worth the sacrifice of quality minutes (5 on 5 and PK) and skill. So if Bergy is going to add some dimensions to this team... it's not going to be answered by adding anyone big who can fight, but players who bring more than they take away

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