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05-21-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Honestly, I think everyone is reading into the comment too much. I think it's more likely the ref thought it was appropriate to not make a call on the play just to "let the players play" and then when Torts started yelling at him he was trying to explain to Torts that even though it could be called there's something to be said for letting the players play and Torts should appreciate that himself.

The fact is that there is a huge grey area in the NHL regarding what's a penalty and what's not when it comes to some of the rough stuff.
Finally someone who gets it. The ref said in a rather more blunt and upfront way that if a Rangers player did that to someone and they called it Torts would probably be furious. The same can be said for most calls in a game. I remember once I was on the line for a semi-pro game and a player got hit in the face with the puck (with blood) the ref called a high sticking penalty but I told him it clearly wasn't so he reversed the call, the players were furious with me and saying "just call offside and icing lino" then they shut up when I told them "what if it was your player getting the penalty and I hadn't said anything, you'd be pretty mad at me wouldn't you?"

With this particular incident the punch was behind the play, and it's the playoffs. Sometimes it's better to just shout at the players than to stop the game and call a penalty for something trivial behind the play. It's called game management. A concept most fans can't seem to grasp, as they don't realise the rules of hockey are actually specifically written to allow referees as much discretion as possible.

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