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05-21-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
When Martin missed a month, how did our D look? We're better with him but I didn't notice any poor play without him unlike when we're without Letang.

Why? Look at the reasons I mentioned above, he definitely deserves props for elevating his game, but he's the most expensive blue liner at the moment, I don't think he's a $5M defenseman, when we were without him, our defense was still solid, when we're without Letang, our defense looks lost. So when I look at Martin, what makes us think Dumoulin can't A). Play that role better than Martin. B). Play it as good as Martin or C). Play it slightly more subpar than Martin but it's worth the $4.1M bridge in cap space?
Martin has 10 years of NHL experience and is our only D other than Letang capable of playing 25 minutes a night. While I'm a big fan of Dumoulin and can't wait to see him in our lineup, it wouldn't be at the expense of Martin. Especially not before he's proved himself at the NHL level.

With that lineup you posted, you don't pay 1.8m to TK to play on the 4th line. IF anything I'd be letting Orpik go. And as much as I like Murray's play, he needs someone who can skate the puck out of danger.

The issue with the lineup below is that it'll cost ~ 15.5m in salary - which is peanuts. It just means we won't have the luxury of 1.8m for Matt Cooke or 1.8m for TK to play on the 3rd/4th lines.

Letang - Despres
Martin - Dumoulin
Murray - Niskanen

Of all our D... Niskanen is the one that really doesn't seem to fit. I'm not a fan of him on our top pairing - yes they played well during part of the regular season, but I still do not like it. I don't like him on a shutdown pairing, so that kinda leaves him on the 3rd pairing. I'd actually be moving him first for a winger.

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