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05-21-2013, 11:26 AM
Cake or Death
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Originally Posted by Clowes Line View Post
Sounding like another person who doesn't know how to read peoples' posts and just jumps to conclusions.

How many times must we say we aren't blaming the refs for the outcome of the game? If we got a PP we would've lost anyway, I'm sure of it.

The issue with what the ref said is that it challenges the integrity of the game and shows flaws in the officiating. That is horse ****.
Sorry, that's how I was raised to play sports. I was told winners worry about winning and what they can control, losers make excuses and whine. That's been drilled into my head. The integrity of the game and flaws in the officiating is nonsense tbh. Missed/bad calls happen constantly. To every team. It's the nature of the sport. Bad calls happen all over. They tend to balance out over a series. The better team moves on. Right now we are not the better team.

People are blowing this BS out of proportion. **** gets said on the ice constantly and we don't hear almost any of it. For all you know they said the same crap to the Bs bench. The better team won. Move on and prep for game three

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