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05-21-2013, 11:47 AM
Cake or Death
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Who the hell here is making excuses? It wasn't a "missed" call. He chose not to blow the whistle and make the call because "that's the way Torts likes the game played". That is horse ****. That's not a missed call. That is a ref operating with bias. I don't care if it's a Ranger game or not, you can't have referees running NHL playoff games where they have other things in the back of their mind when it comes to making a call or not. If it's a penalty in the rule book, it's a ****ing penalty.

Missing a call is one thing, but not making one because of a bias is ****ed up. The rule book is the #1 tool for making calls, not how a referee feels.
If they're letting em play, I'm good with it. Hopefully Callahan survived that vicious hit and makes it to game three without a wheel chair.

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