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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Honestly, I think everyone is reading into the comment too much. I think it's more likely the ref thought it was appropriate to not make a call on the play just to "let the players play" and then when Torts started yelling at him he was trying to explain to Torts that even though it could be called there's something to be said for letting the players play and Torts should appreciate that himself.

The fact is that there is a huge grey area in the NHL regarding what's a penalty and what's not when it comes to some of the rough stuff.
Did anyone else notice McGuire's reaction to the punch when NBC went to the wide angle? McGuire is considered a "Ranger lover" by all outside of NY, presumbaly because of his friendship with Torts.
"Kreider's a star", "McDonough's the best defensemen in the game", it does get tiresome even as a Ranger fan.

I thought that was all baseless sour grapes until I saw McGuire throw his arm up to signify a penalty and start yapping at the ref. He seriously reacted like you or I would in the Blue seats while enjopying a cold one

One of the most amazing things I have ever seen or heard from a "national" broadcaster.

Did anyone else see it? If you have a feed or tape of the game watch it.

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