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Originally Posted by HF_Rangers View Post
The Otters have had some good late picks (Mike Cazzola, Shawn Szydlowski and Connor Brown come to mind) but their higher round picks have really let them down. Heck, even people are not sold on their first second rounder this year, Jesse Saban. The 2008 and 2009 drafts were a disaster and that's why they've struggled the last two years.

It looks like the 2012 draft could be a good one even if you take McDavid out of the equation. I liked what I saw from Pettit, Hodgson and Raddysh this year. It sounds like Travis Dermott should step right in next season. Hopefully the 2013 class will be just as good and they'll have something good to build on. We want a winner here!
I also really liked that Pettit pick then and now. I wish his role was bigger last year, he needs to be used more this year. I imagine him to be a step quicker this year. Pettit has an under-rated hockey IQ. I believe he could be one player this year that could really have a break out year.

As of right now, I can not understand not selecting Colton White, Cameron Lizzotte in the 2nd Round. White has OHL speed right now, A defenseman that is faster than Saban and Lizzotte. A guy that can fly out there, skate the forecheckers off his tail and out of the zone. Paired with Pelech, White would compliment him and Pelech would make up for some rookie errors. White would be Erie's fastest skaters next year on the back end. I believe White was worthy of a late first round pick. Alot of value for SSM in the 2nd with this pick.

Lizzotte is not that pure offensive defenseman. But he is puck hungry, vicious and appears to hate losing battles. U cant teach hunger and compete level. He skates fast although unpolished. Lizzotte is a big boy, again u could pair him with Pelech and have a punishing tandem for Top lines to play against. Lizzotte will be an NHL player. He takes pride in playing defense, something that many 15-16 year olds dont.

This recent OHL draft did not have alot of size. So why would Saban a 6-3 205 defenseman fall to the second round when most teams had him as a 3rd or 4th? He was too passive at times and seemed to not want to impact the game as much as u would like. With that being said he has potential. For a kid his size, he skates Very well. Also he has an OHL shot right now. Can play the PP. Saban will be an OHL player, the question is did Erie pass on the opportunity to not select players who might have more upside. In 2 years we will know, until then Im just voicing an opinion that is not fact.

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