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05-21-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by frivolousz21 View Post
Big ratings weekend.

1.9 = 2.7 million overnight. Will be 2,525,000 million at the least.
1.4 = 2.0 to 2.1 million overnight. Good for 1,900,000 million at the least.

Friday cable game: pulled 1,000,000

The early starts hurt all the ratings nationally. I'm on the west coast, so a 10 AM start. Yes, I tuned in, but I never miss a Wings game if I can help it.

Originally Posted by 46zone View Post
Steve Lepore ‏@stevelepore 30m
Chicago drew an 8.2 for Game 3, up from G2. Top outside markets: Pittsburgh (2.5), Buffalo (2.1), Vegas (1.7), San Diego/Ft. Myers (1.5)

Steve Lepore ‏@stevelepore 32m
After some not-so-great numbers for G1-2, Detroit is in. A 15.3 for Game 3 combined between NBCSN (11.1) and CBC (4.2).
Originally Posted by Iglooicings View Post
Lepore also tweeted: “Quality aside, it's still crazy that NBC is paying $200M a year to not get exclusivity in two of the biggest hockey markets (DET/BUF).”

Can anybody enlighten me on the cable systems in the Detroit and Buffalo areas on both sides of the border? It is my understanding that those on the Canadian side cannot receive the cable sports channels that carry all the regular season games of the Wings and Sabres. Does that mean that Canadian fans of those teams just across the respective rivers in Windsor and Ft. Erie cannot watch most of their local teams’ regular season games on TV? If the answer is yes, that stinks. It appears from the tweets that the cable systems on the American side do carry the CBC so that Americans have a choice of watching some playoff games on either MSNBC or the CBC. Is that correct?
Yes. I'm in Washington state and have been watching the Wings on the CBC feed (Vancouver). My provider is Comcast. Michigan Comcast also carried CBC from Windsor.

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