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Scouting reports can be wrong.

1. Pierre Turgeon, C (actual pick: BUF, 1st overall - 1,294 career NHL regular season games)

"He has been criticized for being inconsistent and an under-achiever...'What everybody questions is his ability to perform every game,' a scout said. 'Some nights, he's just not interested in playing.' Said another, 'In the playoffs, he didn't pick up the challenge.'"
"He didn't play particularly well in the last half of the season and was a disappointment in the playoffs. Nor does he seem to be a leader."
2. Brendan Shanahan, LW (NJD, 2nd overall - 1,524 NHL games)

"His skating could be a problem and some scouts worry that he will amount to little more than an NHL role player. 'He has no spark,' said a scout. 'He does his job, but you don't notice him.'"
"Said another, 'He might turn out to be a role player, but he's such a strong-willed kid, you have to overlook that. He won't score over 40 goals a season in the NHL, but he has the character and leadership to be another Terry O'Reilly.'"
3. Dave Archibald, RW (MNS, 6th overall - 323 NHL games)

"Archibald is a slick and multi-talented prospect, effective at both ends of the ice."
"Scouts say he anticipates well, has quickness, good hands and a great shot. 'He has more color and is a nicer hockey player to watch than Shanahan,' said one."
4. Glen Wesley, D (BOS, 3rd overall - 1,457 NHL games)

"...some think he should have been more dominant in 1986-87."
"Others argue that he is not physical and sometimes avoids rough play."
"There are those who worry about the 'Portland syndrome' - the theory that former star defencemen from Portland, such as Gary Nylund and Dave Babych, never play up to expectations in the NHL."
5. Chris Joseph, D (PIT, 5th overall - 510 NHL games)

"Joseph was on a poor team in 1986-87 and some scouts don't think he learned much, despite playing 40 minutes a game (editor's note: HOLY SH*%!!!). He has defensive weaknesses and is not a good positional player."
"Said a scout, 'I don't think anybody's ever taught him what the game is all about. He goes all over the ice, but he has plenty of raw talent.'"
6. Wayne McBean, D (LAK, 4th overall - 211 NHL games)

"A terrific skater, McBean might be the fastest player in the draft."
"He has strong offensive skills - a fine passer, and playmaker, with a good shot from the point."
"He also is fairly aggressive, tougher than Wesley."
"Playing 40 minutes a game (editor's note: HOLY SH*% AGAIN!!!), he helped lead the [Medicine Hat] Tigers to the Memorial Cup championship."
7. Luke Richardson, D (TOR, 7th overall - 1,417 NHL games)

"Defensively, he has problems. 'He makes some real bone-head plays,' said one. 'He gives the puck away in situations he shouldn't.'"
8. Bryan Fogarty, D (QUE, 9th overall - 156 NHL games)

"Another skilled offensive defenceman, Fogarty has an accurate point shot, moves the puck well and plays within his capabilities."
Note: Fogarty had a serious drinking problem (that was likely a coping mechanism for his severe social anxiety) that drastically undermined his ability to stay healthy and fulfill his potential. As noted in the report: "NHL clubs...are worried about rumors of an undisciplined off-ice lifestyle, although some say that is no longer a problem." Tragically, close friend John Kordic's drug-related death in 1992 weighed heavily on his continued attempts at sobriety, and Fogarty himself died of an enlarged heart (a frequent consequence of alcohol abuse) in 2002.

9. Jody Hull, RW (HTD, 18th overall - 831 NHL games)

"Some say he lacks intensity, but others describe him as a character player who works hard."
10. Joe Sakic, C (QUE, 15th overall - 1,378 NHL games)

"'He doesn't have much quickness...'"
"Usually, a player of this calibre would be certain to go in the top five. The reason he probably won't is his size and average skating ability."
11. Stephane Quintal, D (BOS, 14th overall - 1,037 NHL games)

"Criticisms include inability to make use of teammates, for example, passing off when rushing the puck. One scout said he is a bit of a floater."
"Said another, 'He's not that smart a player.'"
12. Adam Burt, D (HTD, 39th overall - 737 NHL games)

"He has few offensive skills and one scout believes he attempts to do too much in his zone."
13. Darren Rumble, D (PHI, 20th overall - 193 NHL games)

"One of the best skaters in the draft, Rumble is an immensely talented player, with all of the required offensive skills."
14. Peter Soberlak, LW (EDM, 21st overall - 0 NHL games)

"He is a good skater, has a great shot and is described as a dependable and good positional player."
15. Rob Murphy, C (VAN, 24th overall - 125 NHL games)

"...good playmaker with excellent acceleration."
"Passes well to both sides."
16. Gord Kruppke, D (DET, 32nd overall - 23 NHL games)

"He is a big, tough kid, who 'knows no way but to go straight through you,' according to one scout."
" fairly strong defensively."
17. Keith Osborne, RW (STL, 12th overall - 16 NHL games)

"Osborne is (Editor's note: grammar mistake is not my own) solid all-round winger, has a good shot and skates well."
"He improved steadily during the season."
18. Jeff Ballantyne, D (WSH, 36th overall - 0 NHL games)

"One scout calls Ballantyne, 'a model of stability and consistency.'"
"...he is a strong positional player."
19. John McIntyre, C (TOR, 49th overall - 351 NHL games)

"...hard-working, aggressive player. Though more of a checker than a scorer, he's a good skater."
"Was the OHL's scholastic player of the year."
20. Bryan Marchment, D (WPG, 16th overall - 926 NHL games)

"He takes bad penalties..."
Yeah, I'd say that was a pretty good assessment. One of the not-entirely negative comments: "Probably the toughest player in the first round, as well as the dirtiest."

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