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Originally Posted by clevelandcrusaders82 View Post
What is the highest level you have played up to this point?
It should not matter for my question... yet I have no issue answering.

I have quite a bit of nontraditional history. I started skating young but was a late bloomer. The highest level of competition I have played in was High School Varsity Hockey which I played for four years. I immediately can expect many of you to laugh at me when I consider a higher form of competition.

On Long Island, Varsity Hockey is a pretty solid form of competition but obviously no junior or travel leagues. I mean a few kids during my years had scholarships for various division 1 schools. My goalie in fact played Division 1 for West Virginia and later had calls to play minor league hockey. Senior year I was top 10 in goals and points, just a bit of a backstory lol.

The tricky part is that its never fair to judge someone by their highest level of competition. I made a handful of travel and junior teams from junior to senior year of high school but never actually join them due to money. Quite expensive as you know.

At my college, I made the division 3 club team. Quite surprised too. I was a year out of hockey, they were extremely good players. National D3 Club Champions. A lot of the players could have easily went to play at various NCAA D1 and D3 schools but did not have the grades, the money or the will to do so. Yet once again my own money issues had me not joining the team. When I thought I could do so again the following year, I transferred to focus on my engineering degree where they had no hockey.

From my senior year of high school to now (about 5 years), I trained and worked hard at my game. I played 3x the amount I ever played. I went to as many open hockey games I could go to and played with any adult teams I could find. I worked out more efficiently and studied the game more frequently.

Through natural growth as an athlete and a man, through hard work and passion of hockey I am now a far better player than I ever was when making Junior C/B teams and playing competitive hockey 2-3x a week.

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