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05-21-2013, 02:22 PM
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Over the last 4 years I have come across playing some talented and highly competitive players. Kids who go away to boarding schools to play or play junior hockey 3-5x a week on top of varsity hockey. Guys who play or played in division 1,3 NCAA and ACHA hockey. I even went up against a some AHL and ECHLers over the years.

All talented kids. Some have their issues on the ice or off but obviously all skilled one way or another. One thing I learned is that if I was not better than some of these guys I was able to compete with them. Skate with them, play physical with them, battle them.

Hell yes I lost the puck to the guy from the AHL. But I was surprised when I took it from him later that night. And its the same story every time. I can compete with them. My issue as of late is my devotion to it simply because I have put my time into other aspects of my life. I would have no issue putting more energy and time into hockey career of ANY KIND if there was something for me.

There is no way I can call up the closest ECHL team and say I want a try out especially with my background.

And I can forget anything after that.

I know those chances. So that is why I am wondering what there is around NY area that maybe I can start now that I graduated. Idk... I hate answering that question of where I use to play.

Kids are always shocked to hear me say I only played Varsity Hockey.

I believe I am better than what my resume can say simply because I am an overall player. Solid skater, big guy, hard working, passion to back check and play defense and block shots just as much as I love to set someone up. I am constantly getting better and smarter. I guess I am getting older... but I am also getting wiser. I am in one of my best conditions. I know how to better heal myself from soreness and injury. I study more mental aspects of the game and athletics. Balancing techniques. I have always been hard to knock off the puck.

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