Thread: Speculation: What do we do if we lose?
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05-21-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeydoug View Post
The team won the President's trophy. Depth is solid. The team is in decent shape against the cap. Most of the needed role players will be relatively cheap on the market or can be found in the system.

How many teams have fewer big questions looking at the next couple years? Pit has blueline and goalie issues, Boston looks to have a number of looming issues, Detroit has questions all over the roster, Vancouver is close to becoming a mess, STL will be restrained by a budget, LA is probably just as solid but they have some very serious moves they have to make at the blueline, the Rangers are going to continue to have serious depth issues, etc. I just don't see who stands much better off going into next year even if the Hawks lose the series.

Even if Chicago loses the next 2 games, I'm not sure you do anything besides tweak the team. Toews has been wiped out and a few others have played below where they should. I don't think a bad outcome can be pinned on Q or Bowman much. In the big picture, things are still pretty good. They have a quality team that hasn't played their best hockey in the playoffs. Hopefully that changes, but otherwise, I don't think they should do much of anything.

Hawks have no #2 C (Well they do but Q wont play him at #2C) and the core as a whole has sucked this playoff

This team is also the softest in league and is getting exposed by Wings physical game

Changes better be coming cause next year I don't want Hawks heading into playoffs with some scrub pretending to be #2 C (Morrison/Handzus 3.0) , A worthless Kompon led PP (Absolutely brutal PP to watch) and Toews/Seabrook/etc MIA again when teams start throwing body around

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