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05-21-2013, 02:49 PM
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McGuire on Francesa.
I was right the muzzle was placed on McGuire. Nothing said about O'halaran. Probably asked mike not to mention it. Instead they focused on some supposed Riff between Torts and McGuire.

Mike - Dare is a ruema dat you and tautarella are havin a problem.
Pierre – No mike
Mike - So dares no riff between you two.
Pierre – Mike I think he done that with all media
Mike – Waitaskin Waitaskin let me ask a dumb question It seams like every time Bostin comes in da zone , day come in un touched.
What hurt dem was that the goalie game out afta da game and said Bostin is a bedda team den Washington.
Bostins passin bin beautiful
Is Linkwist hirt? Yea right da shoula. I think heal play.
Ya think Tautarella is goin to pull da shirt ova ya head
Thanks Piere

Here’s da Mink
Back afta dis

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