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05-21-2013, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I've noted this before, but I think the idea (at least from myself, but it seems like from others) behind trading Couturier has nothing to do with people undervaluing or giving up on him or whatever may be the case. The idea is that this team sorely needs to upgrade the defense. This team has an abundance of centers, all of which will not be able to play center on this team at the same time, meaning at least one but more likely two of Giroux, Schenn, Couturier, Cousins, and Laughton will have to be traded or switched to wing. Maybe I am wrong on this but I don't think it is as easy to switch to wing as some are insinuating, especially when you are a top tier guy who is used to playing your natural position. Not to mention it may not be something you want to do as a player, which might make it harder to re-sign that player down the road. Couturier would likely fetch the greatest return on a trade. I don't know who is available but trading a high ceiling center for a high ceiling defender when you have at least two other high ceiling centers already on the NHL roster (Giroux/Schenn), another waiting in the wings (Laughton), and another should be a solid NHLer (Cousins) would not be the worst idea in the world. I would be fine with them dealing Schenn or Laughton as well, I just think Couturier will bring back the most in a trade. And of course I am not simply suggesting we put him on the block and trade him just to trade him, but if there is a guy out there who has that top pairing potential and a deal con be worked out involving him and Couturier I don't think you simply hang up the phone without considering it. It has to be the right guy, but I don't think anyone outside of Giroux really should be considered untouchable at this point, given the state of this team's defense.

As an example, look what the Pens did with Jordan Staal. The scenarios aren't exactly the same, but the Pens got good value for a guy that likely wasn't going to be around. Not that Couturier is a guy who isn't likely to be around in coming years, but there is a clear log-jam at center and a clear deficiency on the blue line. For the same reasons I do not want the Flyers to draft a centerman under any circumstances (other than MacKinnon falling), I would be fine in dealing Couturier for the right guy(s).
Sure, but there are people who want to trade him for Edler or other 2-4 Dmen. That's the wrong trade. There are maybe 3 Dmen in the league worth trading Couturier over, since you gut the forward corps' defensive ability with him gone.

Pittsburgh also isn't all that comparable, because they have 17.4 million tied up in two centers, and had something like 21 million in 3 centers with Staal on board; when you include Fleury's hit, that's something like 40% of your cap space spent on 4 players. At some point you have to spread cap money around so your centers can have players to work with, and you have real depth outside of those guys. The Flyers don't have that issue.

The Flyers biggest cap conundrum is their incredibly expensive defense that doesn't perform up to their cap hit. Trading an affordable forward for someone who will likely bring that D cost up even higher leaves less room to get an equal replacement for Couturier. And, no matter who you trade him for, you're fixing one hold and then opening a gaping hole in the forward group in terms of defensive responsibility.

Trading Couturier just isn't a very good idea. Couturier is, himself, a need. None of our other centers comes close to filling that role.

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