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Originally Posted by Crease View Post

I have the following 6 guys duking it out for the last 5 spots.


Tkaczuk and Esposito are definitely in. I'm having trouble ordering the rest at this point. Happy to receive input from anyone.
If I understand correctly you asked for "7 of 9", so it is still 7 names need to be submitted, yes? Which is to generate the second five finalists, 6-10 inclusive...

You nominated
Tkaczuk Agree.
This is definite for me.
Laprade On the convincing argument made how close he was to Tkaczuk
This is all but final for me..

This looks the next 2
Are we agreed this is the order?

Smith the floor is open...
Duguay ditto
Esposito Am dropping him down, haven't decided how far yet

And that would be 7...
I get the feeling I'm forgetting someone/missing something.

Duguay was a solid 2 way player.
Espo got a lot of tallies, with a lot of help, was not a great 2 way player, IMO is largely overrated, and has to be higher if we were required to do the whole body of his work. But as strictly a Ranger, my immediate impression is it's borderline if he cracks the top 10 at all.

Comments welcome.

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