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05-21-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Pass art by Brassard View Post
We overpaid for the performance he gave us. Just because he's a FA, doesn't mean it's not a loss. We could have spend several millions on other players and actually get 2 or more roster players for the 7 million we pay for our 4th line C now
So many of you guys act like you get bonus points for good value signings and stuff like that. You don't. Fact is that that money couldn't really have been better spent, so far.

Let me try to break it down for you another way. Based on play last year he earned the contract, I think we should all agree with that. This year based on play he didn't earn that contract. But that's a weird way to analyze whether or not the deal was good for us fans. I'm not personally offended that he's overpaid, I just want the Rangers to be as good as they can be. So instead I'm going to analyze it based on what it's done for me. And so far the contract brought in a top line center last year who was incredibly clutch for us and this year a guy who still was third on the team reg season in pts. So he's still provided some benefit this year.

The question becomes, if we didn't have Richards on that contract would it have been better or worse these past two years? I think clearly last year would have been worse. And I'd argue this year would have been worse too. What FA did you want to replace him? I don't see anyone out there that would have been a better option that realistically we could have and would have went after. So, yeah Richards has been worth it all so far.

That being said, I expect him to be bought out after this season. And even then still the deal would have been worth it. It'll be an amnesty buyout.

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