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01-04-2004, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
Grebeshkov - not sure how he is doing but i expected him to have a few more points in the AHL. is he disappointing the manchester fans? can anyone who watched him tell us how he's playing?
He started the season very slow. Had a terrbile +/-. Then he started coming on after adjusting to the new ice-rink dimensions and drastically improved his +/-. Then he got injured and went under the knife to repair a fractured wrist. Consequently, he's only played in 20 of Manchester's 36 games.

Tambellini - I kinda expected more domination out of his sophmore year. what's going on with him? anyone got the inside scoop?
He just went thru a scoring drought. His assists are down because he's the guy looked to to score on his line and when you're not scoring, your point totals are way down. Also, Nystrom went thru a sophomore slump with Michigan last year, so it might be the system he plays in. He did score 2 goals and 2 assists in 5 games so far with Canada in the WJC.

Boyle - Not sure wat to expect out of his freshman year, but is 7 points in 18 games still good? I'm really fearing he may have only dominated high school purely on his size. but at the same time, it's his freshman year! i'm real ignorant on this issue too, not sure wat to expect out of a freshman, just hope BC helps his play a lot!
7 points in 18 games is about what should be expected. Boyle has not played against players of this caliber, size and skill before and he's spending the year making adjustments. He's been playing on the 3rd and 4th lines, often with 2 other freshman. Don't expect miracles. Look for him next season to drastically imporve on the point totals as Voce and Eaves graduate opening up some spots in the top two lines.

Karlsson - wat league is the SEL and are his point totals good? i really hope he can turn out for us when i am fearing the worst... just like with steckel.
The SEL is the Swedish Elite League. It is the top league in Sweden and second in Europe only to the RSL. It is largely compromised of 30 somethings who have spent their whole life in the SEL and former NHLers returning to Sweden. Karlsson is still very young for the league and has not been seeing very good icetime (a handful of minutes a game on the 3rd and 4th lines). When he has been seeing more ice-time, is totals have done much better. As it stands now, he's the 7th highest scoring prospect in the SEL of all NHL prospects playing in the SEL. How will he do in NA? Check back next year when he might be playing in Manchester.

Pushkarev - ok, i'm real ignorant on the Russian leagues, but 1 point in 18 games has to be disappointing right? man!!! i thoguht this ugy was going to be good!! wats going on pushkarev!
That's 1 point in 5 games. 18 is his age. He's only played in 5 games in the RSL (the top Russian league) because he has been spending all his time in the league below it, playing for Avangard VDV. I don't have access to the 1st League stats so I just put his RSL stats (which I obviously have access to). Still, it is very rare for 18 year olds to be playing in the RSL and the fact that he played a handful of games already speaks volumes. Frolov first played there when he was 19. I think Kovalchuk came to the NHL before he made it to the RSL.

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