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Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
while i think weight training for kids is ridiculous i do believe in strength training for kids. I have a 6 almost 7 year old and we do push ups and squats every day. not rigourous workouts by any means but i am trying to teach him that exercises can be fun, and quick and an everyday thing. now my 3 and 2 year olds try to do push ups with us and the squats (no weight just body weight).
Nothing is wrong with weights. Light weights especially for teens and lighter for kids. Yet it also depends on the exercise. I dont expect you to have your kids doing bicep curls.

Dont mistake this for any criticism. Great thing for you to have your kids work out for many reasons. And the work outs your choosing are amazing as well. Both foundations of every day athletics and sports.

Just dont be too afraid of weights. Have them pick medicine balls up over a counter or carry certain loads far distances. I would even have my baby crawl a ton haha. Serious though. Nothing of the sort of rigorous and drills. But let him crawl through a park for fun and explore.

Just remember to properly watch their focus on balance and form. Two most important things..

Worst thing parents can do though above all training is nutrition. As a country... too much fast food. Even the healthy selections on the menu are horrid. We dont pay enough attention to ingredients. We dont have enough super foods in our diet. We eat to much carbs with very little protein and have made sugar and salt into MACRO nutrients which should be little to nothing in our diet besides from natural foods. We eat so much bad fats like sweets but dont focus on good fats like nuts,yogurt, olive oil, fish.

NOTHING is wrong with an occasional sweet. But have the cookies/cake you eat be minimal throughout the week/month and make sure its home madeeeee. Not processed, no where near as much sugar and it was made from love lol.

fruit obviously but dont forget veggies.

I can go on and on... studied this for years. I have no problem with convos on training and diet and sleep. MSG me for more

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