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So I've been reading a lot of workout programs that NHLers and pros do and I plan on mimicking those this summer. Jarome Iginla, for example, has some protein powder in his diet for breakfast and a drink before he goes to bed. I'm 17 and playing junior A next season and wondering if I should be adding protein into my diet as well. If so, what are some good brands to buy? I know the common ones of Whey and Muscle Milk but it is basically personal preference? As far as workouts, I'm curious to know what are some things you may suggest. I know the basics of sprints, deadliest and all that but wondering if there's maybe some others that are helpful. Thanks

If you are serious about all this I believe I can help. I have done years of research, training and practice in training and nutrition. I continue to do so. Private MSG me for more details but here is a bit of what you should know...

The most important aspect of every day living, improving and training. What you put into your body, you will get out. Over time you should try to get to know as much as possible about yourself. What vitamins and minerals your suffice in and what you need more of. You may even be allergic to certain foods and continue to eat with no direct issue. You know how many athletes are starting to realize that there allergic to gluten and never realized how much it impacted their performance!

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is be as natural as possible. Doesnt mean you have to go 110% organic. But be careful. Look for foods with the least amount of ingredients. Know what your getting from each one and understand why the company put it in. Most of the time its due to costs. They rather use a certain ingredient to cut costs even if it means it has some health risks.

I will have no issue talking PVT more about this via MSG but real simple. Its about Protein, Carbs and Fats. We once thought high carbs meant more energy but its not quite like that anymore especially the type of carbs we use now. The more intense your workouts are, the more fats you need. There is a fine line between healthy fats and bad fats. Nuts, Fish, Olives all great fats needed for your productivity. Dont stray from a whole egg simply because you heard the inside had high cholesterol. For many people, including myself it meant HIGH GOOD CHOLEST. Dont stray away from whole milk because it has more fat. Whole milk also has a lot of nutrition and vitamins that are gone through processes to make it less fat and appeal to American markets to lose weight.

Be diverse in what you eat. Every food as its benefits and its issues. So be diverse. For protein, look into Osterich burgers and buffalo burgers and bison rather than always having chicken and steak. For carbs, understand how white potatoes are far less superior than sweet potatoes and how green leafs can give you a high amount of healthy carbs for long lasting energy. Understand that sliced bread has a ton of sugar added to it for the soft feel. We do not eat enough veggies. We eat a banana for potassium but dont realize Kale has even more potassium with half the sugar! Have a banana one day, have a kiwi another day. Dont drink OJ instead of eating an orange if you dont have too.

Dont take supplements if you dont need to. I understand some people need to take medicine or supplements. But try you best to stay away from them. Nothing is better than the original. And if you need to, then try to go for plant based. What does your body do when you digest something that is foreign inside. Do you honestly believe all multi vitamin pills are efficient. If you have an INTENSE training schedule. Its fine to add in some protein shakes. Be cautious on ingredients. 90% of that industry is BS. FDA cannot control the process of there products and you wouldnt believe what is inside some of the biggest names!

Be diverse as well. But understand what your limiting factors are and try to address them

The soviets during their reign and still today , believe that cross training is the best way to improve an athlete. Crossfit may have its issues in not always addressing a persons needs, a persons health, a persons form but the MAIN IDEA of Crossfit is great.

Execution is just bad on a small scale.

Crossfit is cross sectional training involving olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and plyometrics. EVERYTHING to improve ones overall athletics. Will it make you a better hockey player directly. NO. Will it improve your fitness. Yes. And thus can help in your sports. They focus on balance, and explosion and intensity. In hockey, thats the perfect work out.

I dont do Crossfit yet but i do steal a lot of their work outs. Basically everything Soviet athletes do especially their hockey players. Look at old Soviet work outs.

Focus on leg explosion, core work, balance and flexibility. Though hockey players didnt run 5 miles in a game, they believed a simple jog improved hockey performance. I believe it too. Do sprints one day, do jogs another

I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON ON AND ON. I know how to even implement it all into your needs for your age and your specs. I have no issue talking more but cant do so on here... and no time too lol

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