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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
September is one thing, the playoffs are another. Even there, career regular season stats (NHL):
Save percentage: .915
GAA: 2.56

Playoffs (NHL):
Save percentage: .905
GAA: 2.90

Of those 5 playoffs, only twice has he had a save percentage above .900, and one of those times was barely, at .901

It's also been inconsistent with the playoffs at above .900 2 years apart.

As for the regular season, we can talk about the team in front of the goalie, but all we've used are good goalies on better teams as a comparable. Now, for the past 5 years, Montreal has made the playoffs for the most part. So let's take a really bad team with a top 5 goalie. I took Luongo as the sample size is similar (5 years) when he was in Florida and at a similar age.

In the regular season, with far worst teams than Montreal have had, he posted an average of .920 save percentage.

So again, Price's career regular season stats are decent, not great, certainly not top 5 in the league if you ask me, but I respect that some still believe he is, but those playoff numbers are not good.

And you're right, everyone seems to be divided on the issue.
You can't look purely at the save percentage because all goalies that face a high number of shots have good save percentages. If we base it only on save% then Brodeur was pretty average because he rarely was the leader in save% but that was because the Devils kept the number of shots down not because he wasn't a great goaltender.

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