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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Who cares?

What we are getting from Brassard, while nice, you cannot expect to continue. Not until he does it on a consistent basis over the course of more than just one round.

Gaborik had a great 1st PO's when he was younger, but today he has the "underachiever" label attached.

Aside from an 11 game stretch spanning two first round exits (07-08 in Minny and 10-11 in NY), Gaborik has been a fine post season producer.

43 games played with 17 goals and 15 assists

Lets also take into consideration he was putting up .5 pts a game last PO's with a shoulder that required surgery that would have kept him out until November/December.

But yeah, lets take one 9 game stretch and proclaim him the better player.
Gaborik came off surgery and honestly, hopefully for him that contributed to him being ****ing terrible this year. Then we found out that he was injured in Columbus. So his injury last year is not all that important of a factor since he'd have the same problem this year. I looked at his playoff performances since his first year. He was decent in his second year when he had 4 points in 5 games (funny when it comes to Gaborik that's good, but Nash had similar production with Columbus and he was a choker). Other than that he hasn't done anything. He had 0.5 PPG last year, whoopti-****ing-do! That's your standard? Yeah he was obviously not healthy, but he wasn't healthy this year either. He's also NEVER healthy. Even last year when he played 82 games. The guy had 0.5 PPG, why do you assume that he'd have a better playoff than Brassard? Based on what? Also, I notice you're ignoring John Moore. Do you want a bottom pairing of Eminger-Hamerlik right now? Or Eminger-Gilroy? This is silly. There's nothing in Gabby's history except his first year a million years ago to show that it's likely he would have been better than Brassard. He was injured this year. He was a 0.5 PPG player. We also got John Moore. Yet somehow we'd do better with Gaborik.

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