Thread: Post-Game Talk: Detroit wins Game 3 3-1
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05-21-2013, 04:52 PM
Toews = Savior
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
My gawd, you make it sound like we have a Sanderson/Westfall tandem going there. Toews and Hossa are better at the PK and Kruger loses every big draw. That's not getting the job done. I agree we shouldn't take them both out, Frolik is passable but Kruger should be sitting. It's going to get worse if by chance we advance. And I repeat, Wings 4th line scored the all important 3rd goal last night. Wings are playing the team game far better than we are and the bottom 6 are the biggest difference.
numbers say you are wrong

Bottom 6 is not big difference and what seperates them from us. When will people finally blame the players that have to be blamed for the last 2 games?

Right, benching 4th liners who play great on the PK will solve everything for us and Toews will magically start playing better without the frustration or Sharp will magically hit the net with his shots instead of shooting the puck right into Howards chest. Let alone Hossa and Saad who do not put up points. Then there is Kaner who at least tries and had some little success. Our 3rd line does nothing. Yes, they contribute nothing to the results. They don't shut down one of the Wings scoring line and they don't help the team with scoring timely goals.

But I agree, when we finally get rid of role players who do their job like Krüger or Frolik our team will be fine. Bring in Bollig or Carcillo or Smith for them or Handzus will scare the Wings to depth that they will start to allow our Top players to score the way they want.

I know I talk about Toews and he gets the benefit of the doubt but he plays like **** so far. Talk about a Point per game player making 6+ million. THAT is pathetic.... but but he shows effort and works hard. **** that, he has to score and if he won't start soon our season will end in a failure sooner than expected. (and nobody would ever think about trading him, thats for sure. Neither would I)

yeah, I forgot we have to blame Q too. something something fire Quenneville. It's totally his fault that we don't score goals especially on the PP. At least we can be happy that the PK works.

Now, and really now, I have the first doubts of this team going to the finals.

Effort has to get better, team play has to get better, thinking the game has to get better and controlling your emotions has to get better and Frolik or Krüger are least of our problems.

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