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Originally Posted by BarDown19 View Post
I never truly compared you to the Leafs, or meant for it to come off like that if that's what you think. I stated because your organization has done nothing in 20 years which is why you don't get the credit your fanbase (and only your fanbase) thinks it deserves. Forget that I'm a Leaf fan, and what I'm saying isn't an attack from a Toronto fan to a Montreal fan.

It's been 20 years since your last cup. After about 10 you lose any right to start calling other teams "gong shows" until you do something. That 20 years will turn into 46 alot faster than you think. Come to think of it it's at 21 now..

Perhaps you should get off your Leaf hating horse and try and have a relevent discussion. Maybe you think what I'm saying is wrong, but using the typical "LOL LEAFS SUCK 67676767667" argument doesn't really do anything in your favor.

You're part of the pity party bud, your teams been the creepy guy in a state of denial sitting alone in the corner not talking to anyone for years.
Please read the opening post before you comment. As a fan it would be nice to have more coverage. Just as much coverage as the leafs jets and sens get.

Pretty sure leaf fans are the one sitting alone in a corner with the TSN panel crying and having a circle jerk wishing the leafs could EVER do SOMETHING.

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