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Originally Posted by Jmac1160 View Post
NO the point of the thread was the media being bias. Asking what happened to real journalism and wondering why the most storied franchise in the NHL gets less coverage than most eastern Canadian teams even AFTER winning the division. As a fan i like to hear other peoples opinion on the team including the media. Your self entitled attitude is hilarious. its why I read your posts. Everything is your way or no way..George Castanza
You're saying the media is biased - I offered a reason: The Habs are not special.

We didn't win the division so much as Boston choked it up on the last game. We went 4-8 in the last stretch and got bumped in 5 to a team full of rookies. We don't deserve respect for the on-ice product, especially since we still have that image of trapping, diving smurfs led by Count Jacque-ula.

Therrien changed the atmosphere but the players have to change too, if we bring in some actual game-breaking talent and our superstar (Price) plays like a superstar - we're going to get duly deserved credit.

It has nothing to do with bias or racism or politics - the Habs have just been a crappy on-ice product for a while. Koivu+Kovalev aren't going to sell seats, neither is Gionta+Plekanec. Maybe with Subban and the two Gallys we're going to have something that resembles a regular goal threat and then we'll be in highlight reals aplenty.

The Canadian media would LOVE to have a good, marketable Canadian team but every single team seems to have huge flaws and none of 'em strike fear like the Flyers, Bruins, Pens, Kings or Blackhawks do.

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