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Originally Posted by PinkEye View Post
Playing against pros and semi pros in open hockey isn't the same.

You can definitely try to latch on to a FHL or ECHL team through open try outs. They all have them at the beginning of the year and will take a good look at you if you show potential. It doesn't hurt them because you're going to be paying to try out. That is the easiest way to know if you're good enough or not right off the bat.

Having a good "resume" like Patches said is important because coaches will take you more seriously.

As far as what level of competition to expect, I played college club D2 and didn't even make it out of open try outs for the Ontario Reign. My buddy played BCHL and later NCAA D3 and made it to the preseason roster but was cut soon after. A lot of the guys who already had a spot on the team pretty much all played D1 and up or Major Junior.

Coaching is different. You'll usually start off in low minor or junior leagues and work your way up.

And Todd Richards has extensive pro playing experience. He was drafted in the 2nd round and bounced from league to league and yes he ended up playing in Europe but in Switzerland's highest league.

He started coaching in the AHL and then became the Wild's head coach after 4 or 5 years and now he's with Columbus. So pretty traditional route. You may be thinking of their GM who came from a European team.

I don't think you get how competitive and cut throat getting playing/coaching jobs in pro hockey is. There is simply too many good people and few spots. The stars have to align the right way for you or you have to know someone who is willing to put their name out and vouch for you.

Good luck.
Probably the best way for you to go. Although I find that is something that comes with having a good resume. When I was 14 I got one prospective try-out offer from a Junior A team in the BCHL, once that happened doors just seemed to open for every Junior league in BC. I recommend you go to an open try-out for the highest level you can around you because the odds are good that even if you don't make the team, there will be plenty of scouts watching from other lower level leagues that would be willing to offer you at least a try-out and give you a good look if you have a good camp.

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