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05-21-2013, 05:24 PM
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NBC Playoff Coverage

I love the playoffs, but every year I hate the fact that our games are covered by NBC and not MSG with Sam and Joe.

First, you have the pre-game, with Millbury and Keith Jones who really don't know enough about any of these teams to be providing sound analysis. They pick one or two plays from each period, and wing it, using small samples of evidence to frame their opinion on a player. Jonesy was a (marginal) former Flyer who almost never picks us to win and loves criticizing our star players when they don't perform. Millbury was with Boston and the Islanders throughout his entire playing/GM career and never forgets to discuss the poor play of the Rangers. I thought that these guys loved Ovechkin in the first series, but now they seem to love Boston even more. The only pre-game guy I like is JR, he knows the game better than those knuckleheads and is also more objective.

Then we get to the announcing. After listening to Doc over and over, I can't stand him anymore. He was a Devils announcer throughout his entire announcing career, he hates the Rangers. There's no question about it. You realize how happy he was when Henrique beat us last year in OT? We're lucky to not have to deal with him during this series, but instead we get Dave Strader and Pierre. Strader is a good announcer but he also seems to despise us, he kept going on and on about Boston's young D and even said "and now the chant is LUNDQVIST LUNDQVIST" with glee. Then there's Pierre who, in my opinion, needs to move up to the booth if Eddy Olcyzk isn't there. Since he's on the ice level, every time Boston scored he would end up screaming into his headset to analyze the play (because it was so loud on ice level) and it was just flat-out awful to listen to. I don't question his hockey IQ, I just dislike the set-up, and I would rather have Engblom or Pang be the sideline guy.

Dealing with this NBC coverage makes me miss Sam and Joe even more. It's a shame that Doc has the reputation of being the best hockey announcer right now, where to me he's not even in my top-10. CBC has it right, Jim Hughson is the best play-by-play hockey announcer right now, and has been since Gary Thorne.

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