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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
After reading some of the pages, it's clear that Whitesnake, Haburger, Habsfan2k11, for the most part, are on the "Carey Price isn't even an arguable top 5 goalie".

I wonder what would happen if Price played on a team like the LAK the last two years. Obviously, you wannabe scouts know it all.

Ask any person in hockey (an analyst, a former coach, a former player, a former gm, a coach, a player, etc.) and ask them what they think about Carey Price. E-mail Glenn Healey, Kevin Weekes, Jamie McLennan (all former NHL goalies) and ask them what they think about Price overall and what they think of him as of now after this "horrendous" season (only horrendous thing about it was the last 8-10 games for CP31).

But continue believing the delusion that based on one "half-season" that CP31 is a terrible goalie. Show me all the stats from past seasons all you want, you're not going to make me think twice about Carey Price.

It's fans like you that make Carey want to leave. It's a common thing with knee-jerk reactions from fans and saying "these seasons he was terrible" when he wasn't and "this season in general he **** the bed the whole season" when him AND THE DEFENSE crapped it for like at most 8-10 games.

Next year, Carey's going to prove you all wrong, show you the Top 5 goalie he is and you're either going to eat crow or you're going to say "he has only had 2 good seasons" blah blah blah more anti-Price ******** etc.
The only thing you are saying in that post is what I keep saying all along. Price is a top 5 goalie based on....POTENTIAL. Not on actual play. So that's what I believe. Pretty sure that your next line will be. Price is the best goalie in the NHL....that hasn't won anything in the NHL. Fine...if it suits you, I,m fine with everything that makes you happy. But I can't be in that group. many things here...that I thought we were close to the end but you keep mentioning things that are just so worth of replies...that it,s too hard for me to resist.

Us wannabe scouts know just as much than you. What makes you know it more? We are not the ones saying we hold the truth...but your reply do seems to intend that you do. Fine, clearly, we can't compete with the truth. Truth being everything you write and say. And yes....we've all been asking everybody. We've all been hearing every expert out there about Price....we've alll heard that everybody but Halak's mother said that we should keep Price and so on....But what we ALSO heard was that every single one of them were mostly talking about....POTENTIAL. Something the biggest of haters and wannabe scouts do still believe in....but just can't pretend that potential is actually the same than REAL RESULTS.

It is sad really 'cause at one point you do pretend as if YOU ARE THE TRUTH...and goes on on a rant, point the fingers towards a few people including myself and say that we think he's a TERRIBLE goalie...which we obviously didn't. Which then screws your entire way of thinking 'cause if your point is based on what people didn't say...what's your point really?

So it's fans like us to make him leave....First....and this is getting funnier by the second...WHO WANTS TO LEAVE? I thought that only the haters thought that Price comments was him wanting to now you believe he wants out? Things change quite fast around here. Besides.....even if that was think it's people writing on a board that IF they'd saw Price would just either ignore him or salute him that are actually the reason why Price would want to leave? 'Cause frankly, when I do to the Bell Centre, I never booed our own players. When I meet players, I either salute them, acknowledge them, or if I don't like them, ignore them. I don't harrass them, neither do I even ask them for autographs. So again I ask...and me writing on a board makes him want to leave? Because I'm just asking for my supposed FRANCHISE player to be a franchise player? To actually make his team around him better and not wait for the others to make him better? If so...well CLEARLY he is way more fragile that I thought he was.....

And your last statement takes the prize....So next year Carey will SHOW us. do you know that? If his play is directly related to who,s in front of him....did we make changes lately that I'm not aware of? Didn't we just learn that Emelin is not here till November and probably beyond? Isn't that defense, right now, just as good (or as bad, take your pick) as it was 3 weeks ago? Come on're making it way too easy.

As far as eating crow....again, it has nothing to do with that. We are discussing what he has DONE to be named a top 5 goalie. IF he does well next year, we'll say....HE DOES WELL THIS YEAR. Or "it might finally be the start to something great"...or "with a great upcomiong playoffs, based on how great this regular season was, he will solidify his position as a top 5 goalie" and so on...But much as your anti-Price people will probably have all the answers....what will be yours if he doesn't do as well as expected? Oh yeah..."The defense sucks...." But then, it shouldn't be as you've ALREADY STATED that he'd be great next season. But what he will do, in no way, does that make what he did do this year better. Your point applies ONLY to people who has already given up on the kid. Or wanting to trade him already for a bag of pucks based on how he sucks, how terrible he is and so on...Which brings the question...WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? Who in here has stated all those things?

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