Thread: Injury Report: Alexei Emelin out 6 months
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05-21-2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
If Tinordi regresses, and every other player is constant, our blueline is going to blow something awful. This team always relies on players getting better, when in fact they usually don't on our backend. Gorges isn't going to improve much , why do we even expect more? Markov is slowing down... and Boullion isn't a spring chicken.

We have an small, aging blueline that is being asked to play a style we simply cannot do.
I've addressed some of the things you've pointed out, but I don't think Tinordi would regress in a bottom-pairing role. What I said about Gorges is valid. He simply has to get the puck away faster before he gets cornered. I'm not suggesting he could improve his point shot, for example. It's not about production, it's about his decision making, something that can be improved even when someone isn't a rookie anymore.

As for Markov and Boullion, I agree. That's why I'm advocating trading Diaz to fill our need for an Emelin replacement. I don't want to see Boullion dressed frankly. And I still think Markov is an asset but like my post said I would like to see his TOI reduced and his minutes more catered to Ozone starts.

I think you and I agree on more things than you may realize.

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