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Originally Posted by BarDown19 View Post
No I wasn't alive in 67, I was born in 85. Care to explain why that's relevent to the discussion? I'm well aware where the Leafs stand in the NHL community, it doesn't bother me.

..Why? I added to the discussion, no flaming, baiting, nothing. I like to talk hockey, I don't care what team it's about.
You did add to the discussion and I appreciate seeing a different perspective on this board.

You feel the only measure of respect is winning a Cup in the last five years or so. Okay, that's your opinion. But then how are we supposed to judge the 25 teams who haven't won in that timeline? Are they all failed franchises? I don't think you'd say so. It's hard to say solid contenders like Vancouver, San Jose and St Louis aren't worth respecting because they've never won a Cup.

And even winning the Cup isn't an automatic ticket to respect. Half the teams in the league LOST respect for the Bruins when they won a Cup. Same with Pittsburgh. Success breeds resentment as often as it does respect. You'll disagree, but I think part of the attitude against Montreal is leftover resentment over those 24 banners hanging over the arena. No matter what the team does, the Montreal Canadiens will never really be seen as the sympathetic underdog. They have had too much success - even though it's past success - to be liked.

I think respect is one of those fuzzy words we use in whatever way suits our bias. Habs' rivals will usually say they have 'no respect' for the organization, but there's no substance or fact behind their words - just their fuzzy feelings. They might have read one or two obnoxious posts, they might have seen one or two bad plays on the ice, and that's all the evidence they need to wrap themselves tightly and never let go of silly cliches about the fans and team. And yeah, it works both ways. Habs fans are no better when it comes to the Leafs, Bruins and maybe one or two other teams. We hurl insults back and forth and claim not to respect each other, until a certain point when you realize all the dumb insults apply exactly as much to your own team as it does to mine.

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