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05-21-2013, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Sure, but there are people who want to trade him for Edler or other 2-4 Dmen. That's the wrong trade. There are maybe 3 Dmen in the league worth trading Couturier over, since you gut the forward corps' defensive ability with him gone.

Pittsburgh also isn't all that comparable, because they have 17.4 million tied up in two centers, and had something like 21 million in 3 centers with Staal on board; when you include Fleury's hit, that's something like 40% of your cap space spent on 4 players. At some point you have to spread cap money around so your centers can have players to work with, and you have real depth outside of those guys. The Flyers don't have that issue.

The Flyers biggest cap conundrum is their incredibly expensive defense that doesn't perform up to their cap hit. Trading an affordable forward for someone who will likely bring that D cost up even higher leaves less room to get an equal replacement for Couturier. And, no matter who you trade him for, you're fixing one hold and then opening a gaping hole in the forward group in terms of defensive responsibility.

Trading Couturier just isn't a very good idea. Couturier is, himself, a need. None of our other centers comes close to filling that role.
I agree with most of this. I don't think trading Couturier for a defender opens up a "gaping" hole though. I think whomever took over third line center duties would be a downgrade, but I think the upgrade on the blueline and the difference between Couturier and his "replacement" would not leave a gaping hole. It isn't like they are going to shoot Jody Shelley out there or someone who is going to be awful defensively. If he were dealt, Laughton may get the nod this season if he is ready. Obviously, that would be a downgrade in terms of defense. But how much of a downgrade, I am not sure. I am confident that whomever wound up there, coupled with the upgrade on the blue line, wouldn't leave a gaping hole. Think about it. Let's say the Flyers get Petro from STL (hypothetically so don't come at me and tell me the Blues would never do this) and Laughton gets 3C duties. The upgrade that Petro brings would outweigh the defensive downgrade between Couturier and Laughton. Even if it didn't (i.e. Laughton sucked and was sent down or something, or someone else was brought in), a defensively responsible third line center is not as hot a commodity or hard to find as a top pair defender. Now, if the Flyers have no backup plan and they roll out a third line with Rinaldo at center, then yes it is not a smart move, but I would be surprised that the Flyers third line center would be their Achilles heel if a high caliber defender was brought in. Possible, for sure, but I think that it is unlikely. That's the way I look at it, anyway.

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