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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Are you high or something?

Plekanec has been our first line centre since 09, unless Malkin signs on, chances are he's still going to be our first line centre - like it or not.

You're the only one who brought up DD to begin with.
Look at OP.

Besides, we did SOOOOOO great since '09, isn't it?

I don't have a problem with Plekanec being in the lineup per se. However...

- He's not a 1st center.
- He doesn't play like a first center.
- He has some attributes that we try to get rid of (he's moderately soft at the very least)
- He was never, ever, ever, ever able to raise his play in the playoffs (I concur that he did pretty well this season, and that he's a very consistent player, which makes the whole "raising his play for the playoffs" a bit more difficult, cause he actually brings it almost every night... at least in the regular season).
- He probably has a better value than Desharnais around the league, cause he's actually a better player.
- Related to the point above; trading Galchenyuk isn't advisable, and trading Eller... well, I'd say yes for a great offer, but that's it.
- He makes 5M$. That pretty much his value, hence a very tradable contract.
- We'll eventually need cap space for very important signings.
- We have a few holes in the lineup. Depth (and by depth, I mean "lineup depth") at center isn't an urging concern, or even a concern at all, with this team. Pass retardedness on the wing (Hudon MIGHT help in that regards) and toughess on the Top-6 and on D are WAY more pressing concerns.

Plekanec might or might not be traded. I don't have a problem with the guy himself, and he's indeed a very good player. But at some point, the idea is to make the team better. When/if Galchenyuk/Eller will have established themselves as solid 1st line C/2nd line C, Plekanec will be ....totally disposable. 5M is too much for a 3rd Center.

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