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05-21-2013, 08:59 PM
*Bob Richards*
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Originally Posted by MustarddTiger View Post
Alright, and like the way that you just bolded 30% of my post, and responded just to that, you're taking words out of context.

All I was responding to was people blaming it on the coaches. Fine, if you and Pierre think everyone is being too selfish, fine. I wouldn't say that's a problem with the coach....It's just people being ****ing stupid...

TLDR; If you're a playoff hockey team, who wants to win the cup, you score goals when playing 5 on 4...It's simple...unless maybe you're the Bruins team that won the cup a few years ago.
How can you not blame it on the coaches? We have had numerous roster changes under Torts in his tenure and the PP is still atrocious.

And, you're really over-simplifying it. If it was as simple as, "just score", it wouldn't be a yearly problem.

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