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05-21-2013, 09:20 PM
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regarding some of the posts in the other thread.

I would give these guys the credit they are due when they give me reason to do it.

Yes I am critical, yes I am nasty. I expect more from these guys.

Not sure about you guys but I can't watch the team I root for get out played and out coached game in and game out save one game here and there and think "Boy am I lucky"

What we are seeing is a ****ing embarrassment to the ****ing jersey.

The ONLY guy I am proud of is Hank. That's it.

I'm disgusted with the current product and the guy driving the bus.

It's a poorly constructed team being coached incorrectly but WOOOOHHOOOOOOO we made the 2nd round just to get swept.

I could care about wins and losses. I want a team that doesn't have to rely on the goalie to be in a game. I want a real shot to win games offensively and if at the end of the day we put in an honest and be it.

What we have now is we have to hope we play lights out and the opposing team sucks or that Lundqvist steals games.

That's not the kind of team I want to root for.

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