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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
And again the video clearly shows it was not a choke, if Grabo can bite, you can certainly breath through your mouth.

Let me throw some common sense at you. Grabovski's first language isn't English. When he used the word choke, he also mentioned being unable to breathe. You can tell from that video that you so kindly posted, that as soon as Pac's hand went around his mouth, Grabovski immediately TRIED TO USE HIS HANDS to remove the arm from around his face. The hand was covering Grabo's nose and mouth. Assuming you are also apart of the human race as the rest of us are and know very basic anatomy, you should know that your nose and mouth are your only breathing apparatus that your body has to pump air in and out of your body. If you weren't so incredibly deluded with your dislike for Grabo, it might have occurred to you that using the term 'choke' may to not have been correct but it could have been his attempt at explaining that his ability to breathe was being interfered with (which coincidentally is exactly what happens when someone is being choked).

It's easy to say that you would react a certain way but you don't know what he was experiencing at the time and just because you choose not to believe how he described his train of thought as the incident was taking place is not solid reasoning on your part to crucify him for his actions.

If someone wrapped their arm around your face and your breathing was being interfered with, you would be one incredibly dumb person to attempt to fight your face away from the grip of someone's arm rather than bite that person because the only priority should be trying to regain your breath. Biting the hand would be the quickest way to do it and if you feel that you're too 'manly' to do such a thing, well under those circumstances, you would also prove that you aren't a very smart man either. All in all, I'm not surprised to see you with your predicable slander in a Grabovski thread. Keep on keyboard warrior.

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