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Originally Posted by gary69 View Post
Great work, I have been long hoping somebody would find the time to collect these stats to go along with the Manitoba(Winnipeg) stats from Ever since I read the several hundred of hockey player biographies from "Hockey Over Time" -website in 1999-2000, in fact. Too bad that site isn't around any more, as far as I know.

Now since there seems to be some differences between your stat totals for some players (e.g. Trihey/Drinkwater compared to HHOF site), it would be even more great if you'd find time to post stats per year for all the players you have.
I don't think you would want me to post stats for all the players I have. There is quite a number of them. For example here are the stats of the 1898-1899 Montreal Victorias. HHOF has Bowie playing 7 games and having 11 goals, Grant as having 7 games and 2 goals, they also had Drinkwater as 6 games and 0 goals. Like I stated earlier some game reports never listed goal scorers and as passionate as they were about hockey the Montreal Star never reported leading scorers. I am not even certain if the league paid much attention to who scored. I don't know how the HHOF got their stats. Maybe some teams kept tabs on who scored? and the HHOF obtained their books. Some goals were just stated as "Scrimmage", meaning it was not known who scored.
See the 2nd leading scorer (below) Bob McDougall. McDougall stated after the 1898 season that he was too busy in his occupation to play the 1899 season but would play when anyone challenged to take the cup from the Vics. An indication of how elite McDougall was, is displayed in the fact that he played 2 regular season games for practise prior to the arrival of Winnipeg in their challenge for the cup in 1899. He scored 6 goals after missing the first 6 games and then scored 2 in the next game.
Search on Google and look through many hockey books and about the only thing you can find on McDougall is:

"In the Stanley Cup series of 1900, a chap named Bob McDougall of the Montreal Victorias clubbed a Winnipeg player, Tony Gingras, into an untidy heap. As Gingras was carted into the dressing room on a stretcher, the referee, one J.A. Findlay, said he would announce the penalty after he determined the extent of the injury.

When he discovered that Gingras was still breathing, he gave McDougall two minutes. The Winnipeg team was so angry it left the ice and forfeited the game."

As you saw from my previous stats - I have "this chap" Bob McDougall as scoring 12 goals more than his closest rival through the 1890's. Again this is not 100% accurate but the games that I am missing for McDougall definitely are the same games I am missing for the other Vics. I have a report of 49 goals scored by McDougall. His total may have been near 60. Give or take 1 or 2 games he played 36 games throughout the 1890's. This is a guy that is not in the HHOF and has long been forgotten.

G - Richardson 4 16
G - Lewis 3 7
P - Fred McRobie 3
CP - Mike Grant 7 1
F - Cam Davidson 7 6
F - Ernie McLea 4 6
F - Bowie 7 9
F - Ewing 5 4
F - "Doc" Ac(k)er 2
F/P - Graham Drinkwater 6
F - Macdougall 2 8

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