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I've mentioned this in other threads here, but here goes again. I'm a 40 year-old "re-beginner" who was off ice for 16 years, and hadn't played even roller hockey in ten+. From 20 to 23 I played on a beer league team that was desperately short of players and managed to get the 30+ rule waived in order to, uh, compete. One night when I showed up before our game the compressor room at the rink was on fire. And I never played again. Many things happened that either got in the way or took my interest and placed it elsewhere. I had been dating my future wife while playing and it had gotten pretty serious. I was also working 2/3 jobs. I fell into depression at one point which led to consuming copious amounts of alchohol. Which of course also consumed all of my spare cash. I (we) straightened all that out and got married in October of 2000. Suffered a pretty bad leg injury in late 2000, but was lucky in that my gym routine spared any lasting damage. 1999 and 2000 were my only two years of roller "Draft Rec League" play and I was suspended my first year and banned my second. Funny how in a non-checking league the FNG (F-ing New Guy) is the only one the no-check (or slash/hack/punch) rules apply to. Hey, I was only following suit. Anyway, played another year elswhere in 2004 but by then our son was becoming mobile and the wife was back to work after surgery on her lower back. So that was that.

Or so I thought. Fast-forward to December, 2011, and my kids decide they want to try ice skating. Cool, but I didn't have skates. Instead of renting bowling shoes with blades I decided to buy a pair of hockey skates. Oh boy.......that got things rolling. I figured ice hockey was out of the question due to time and money constraints so I bought a pair of Bauer Vapor inline skates, a helmet, visor and gloves. I mean, everything is paved around here. Then while ice skating one day with the kids, I get talking to my son's buddie's dad, who has played forever. He tells me about this "stick and puck" thing some of the local rinks have. Nah, don't want to go down that road again. I'm going on 40. Too old to be "new" again. Right? Wrong. I started going to S&Ps this past January and can say the bug has not only bitten but gotten inside me. I've restocked all the needed gear, focused my diet and gym workouts to get me to a "High-Speed/Low-Drag" version of myself and have Men's C-League/Fall clearly in my crosshairs. Working off 17 years of rust and 40 pounds of pizza and beer is way more fun this way. Last time out I even recorded the session to use as a practice tool.

Sorry for rambling, but this has been such a blast and a much-needed "focus on myself" event................................
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