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10-03-2006, 02:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Pugs35 View Post
That sounds pretty similar to the way the Rangers ended last year and we all know how that turned out.

Let's Go Yanks!
Yeah, that was pretty bad. Let's hope things are different this time around.

Originally Posted by danno2530 View Post
I was at the game today for my birthday. Bernie Williams was manager and then came into the game to pinch hit and hit a double. Jeter said that he was selfish for pinch-hitting himself

I have to agree that I wanted the Tigers too. Lets be honest, this team has little to no playoff experience and we OWNED them this year. The only time they beat us was two games that Rivera was unable to save.

I think we can win this series easily. Then again, I said the same thing in 2002 against the Angels and what happened. So we have to be somewhat careful.
Happy late birthday...

As for Detroit, they don't even have a milligram of the momentum that the Angels had in 02. That team got hot at the right time. Same thing with Florida in 03...

Originally Posted by Korpido View Post
I hope the Yankees aren't taking the Tigers lightly. They won 95 games this year for a reason.

With that said, this team is NOT the 2002 Angels. The 2002 Angels had a buzz saw offense that kept getting on base. The Tigers are a horrible On Base Percentage team filled with free swingers. The Angels had a young closer by the name of Fransisco Rodriguez, the Tigers have a washed up vet in Todd Jones.

And then there is the whole thing about having Kenny Rogers pitch in a post season game. Both Met and Yankee fans know what I'm talking about.

Go into game 1 with a killer instinct and this series will not see game 4.
Rogers is terrible in the postseason, I've seen it from both NY sides. I've seen him be downright terrible with the Yanks, and I saw him walk in the winning run for Atlanta in the 99 NLCS as a Met.

Detroit is a team that won 95 games because they got to face the Royals 19 times. The Yankees would have been at over 110 if they got to face Kansas City almost 20 times.

Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Not facing Santana twice in a 5 game series is the best that the Yankees could have hoped for.
If the starters falter, they have to hope to be like the Angles when they won it all. Club the opposing starters and hope that your bullpen is superior.
Just imagine if they had Liriano healthy... god that would be scary.

Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Yeah, def a good thing.

and, if the A's and Twins go 5 that really kills Santana's rotation for the next series if they win, cause youll know hell go in game 5.
Great point.

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