Thread: Post-Game Talk: Detroit wins Game 3 3-1
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05-22-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
All I can say is, sometimes the top 6, for whatever reason, will not be your leaders offensively and the team needs to fight through it. If they do fight through it, good things will happen. We see it virtually every playoff, where an unsung bottom six guy or bottom 6 line come up big and provide more, take up the slack until the team rights itself. This can be by playing aggressive, by scoring big goals, by doing something extraordinary. The line of 29-65-25 were doing that in the first series and it got us through. Q screwed that up ... and even though they are reunited, the team can't expect the same against Wings. Can we expect anything like that from Kruger and Frolik? Not a chance. Wings bottom 6 have responded to the PO challenge. Unfortunately our supposed deep team, can't match it. So Babcock's strategy of stifling the first line by harassing Toews and playing physical against the rest is working to perfection.

We need a shake-up, in the form of a Jeremy Morin, or possibly a Ben Smith(or both) to instill some real grit into the 4th line. As many of us have been harping on all season long, the current line-up is too weak physically and in intensity. I must admit, I didn't think Wings would expose that in us but they are, and I doubt Wings strategy will change.
funny that you knock on Froliks and Krügers offense while they provided a combined 4 goals so far. That is more than enough from your 4th line in 8 games.

Their guys score, ours doesn't. This starts with Toews and again all you do is take our problems away to replace a 4th liner with another 4th liner that gets to see the ice for 8 minutes at best.

No team will anything if their Top guys don't produce and our guys don't produce. In the POs you can't be allowed to have a Toews that can't score a goal in 8 games. Only chance would be with an elite goalie that steals games and stops everything.

a 2003 Giggy, a 2011 Thomas or last years Quick and we would lead this series 3-0 with only 2 goals scored in the last 2 games. We know we have Crawford and we know what we get. Difference is that Crawford get 2.66 while guys like that get 5.5+. You get what you pay for.

Again, making excuses for the real problems on the roster. Top 6 right now does nothing and the same can be said for the 3rd line that at least doesn't get scored against.

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