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10-03-2006, 06:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Daniel48Briere View Post
Yea dont use your stick, keep your stick on the ice. If you are trying to really get some one, get low, and about 2 feet away from them (this is assuming you are on the boards) and jump into them (keeping your outside foot on the ice). If you get your shoulder on their chest, it should atleast appear painful. Thats not always going to be the case. Usually to hit you just want to take them out of the play, or pin them on the boards. You dont need to kill some one then, as long as the hits get them out of the play.
Good tip.

Don't aim at the player, aim "behind" him. Its a boxing tip, don't try to hit someones head, try to hit behind it, so you follow through the entire motion.

Its allot of mental aspects when hitting. If you don't follow through with your legs, the hit often becomes really soft.

Do like Daniel explained, but remember to not try to jump in next to him, try to jump through him!

You will be suprised at how much techniq hitting and balance are. Some tiny guys are just rock solid on their feets, some huge players don't have any balance at all.

Whats important too is to try to take everyhit with your side, and hit people at their front side.

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