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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Only if you think Burrows commands that much value. I would say a first alone is enough. Much as I love Burrows, he means far more to us than any other team in the league. Consider for a moment what your reasons are for trading him: may be overpaid; thirty. Every other team is going to be thinking the same and most certainly are not about to hand over a top prospect and their first. Look at huge aggressive Pittsburgh and Boston were in their refusal to do just that.

Value aside, Burrows was essentially paid chump change for all his success here and perception would be highly negative on our reputation to trade him now. I also believe it would spend the wrong message to the dressing room, especially to Kesler and Bieksa.

For those reasons, I cite Burrows untouchable, if only due to circumstance; his value isn't there on the market and his departure would set in a slew of negatives.
The thing is, I think we need to trade Burrows because he is a large part of why we don't get calls when games start to matter. I honestly think the referee fraternity currently hates us and it all stems from the Auger/Burrows incident.


From the main boards (kind of quoting myself but want feedback):

Three way trade:
To VAN: Vermette + Gromley (minors) + 1st (PHI)
To PHX: Couturier + Schroeder
To PHI: Edler + 1st (VAN) + 3rd (PHX)

Philly picks 11th, we pick mid-20s...or instead of an exchange of 1sts with Philly, just take their 2015 1st

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