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05-22-2013, 06:59 AM
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To me the point is moot; every darn team is packing a puncher or is in the process of getting one and Montreal will have to do the same soon. I mean saying that were a "speedy team with talent" is sending the message to any Habs player that they are not worth having an real enforcer to right the wrongs done against them.

Yes we may be a "speedy team with talent" but we will also be known as a very soft team with no backbone that has only one player tough enough to defend his team mates. Take him out of the equation and the pickings are easy against Montreal be it at home or not...

We all in here played hockey against good teams and i was one with limited offensive talent but i could skate and hit hard and i know for a fact that hitting the other team at will with no one to stop a less talented player like me would affect the opposing team a lot, even back in Junior B!

That has NEVER changed and the NHL will NEVER change: big tough intimidating guys that can fight will always have way more influence on a game than one thinks. And it SELLS tickets so it WONT go away! (The NHL wont let the big guys go away...) Might as well accept that and have the right equipment to act accordingly.

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