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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Richards was supposed to be the answer on the PP. Not even close. The signing of Richards is a big X in the Torts column. Richards was OK last season. He has been miserable this season. $20M in one calendar year. Pro-rated $4M salary. Owed $36M. $24M in a compliance buyout. What do Sather and Gorton say to Schoenfeld about Torts and Richards when they are alone? Jim and John are buddies. Jim is the go between the FO and Torts. The front office must question some of the personnel on the PP. The scheme. Torts complains about the personnel given to him by management. Schoeny must have some good stories. Torts made a comment about Gorton wanting Kreider to play on the top lines and he didn't believe Kreider was ready. He said my assistant GM in referring to Gorton. Torts said the team needs to address the need of a shot or a QB on the PP. Brad Richards? He made those comments to Kay in the same interview he discussed the Nash trade being a "lateral" move. One game Moore is on the PP and then he never plays it again. Then he discussed how much he loves Moore and he will be the key player in the Gaborik trade.
This is comforting.

Kreider is a non-factor in HFD and shows no signs being able to contribute when given a ton of chances in the NHL, then Gorton wants Torts to put him on the top lines and give him PP time...

Lateral move? Someone needs to tell Torts that there is a cap in place. We had a tremendously deep lineup last season, but Torts couldn't win because he didn't have the nukes. Now he have the nukes, but he can't win because of our depth (what now is wrong with our depth this season, we have given up a ton of assets to get them and/or we pay them high salaries). We have a roster with players that Torts has asked for. With the cap, you can restructure but not add to this.

People need to stop defending Torts. He and the New York Rangers have become irrelevant. Read twitter, if you follow say the top 20 tweeters there are 2-3 tweets about Bruins winning, and then 100 tweets on the other games. We are the biggest market, but they avoid us on national TV if they can. Too boring. Everyone know that we aren't going anywhere. We do not play good hockey.

Other teams have no respect for us, that's why we had such tough time in the regular season. They know that if they just show up and play a decent hockey game, we will slapper the puck the length of the ice all night and they will pwn us.

Torts = Jody Shelly


Why is this relevant in the cap thread?

Because you gotta be able to make due with a roster that fits under the Cap. That is a limit on what you can plan. Building an optimal team is not the same thing as buílding an optimal team under the cap. On the later, you must find ways to get what you need while fitting it under a cap.

NJD got Marek Zidlicky last season and he gave them a PP and was essential in them making it to the SCF's. 5'10 180.

BOS is playing Torey Krug. 5'8 180. Giving them an offensive punch.

You cannot have a player like that on a team that plays the way we do. We give away so many pucks that all our D's constantly must be able to defend 1 on 1 and handle themselves physiaclly. Krug isn't defending out there on a shift by shift basis. He is fetching pucks that we dump into their zone.

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