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05-22-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
I know this may be hard to believe, but Grabo or no Grabo, I would never condone biting another player, there is something beneath the Leafs Logo to resort to biting a fellow player.

There are ways of settling a dispute, I don't buy the not being able to breath part. The video doesn't show he was being choked, Pacioretty had his arm around his head, mostly his mouth.

Regardless, biting another player is just silly and immature behaviour, it crosses the line in a game like hockey. I'd like to think anyone that wears a Leafs jersey is above this behaviour.

There is no justification for it, no matter what some say, the not breathing reason is simply not believable reason.
That's still being choked when you can't breathe. He gets into a fight at the end of his shift. Imagine someone just cuts off your air flow after a long sprint, are you going to try and blindly hit them? He's on skates and Pacioretty has a helmet with a visor. You're asking Grabo to either fall down, which is never a good idea when there's a bunch of dudes in a scrum with skates on, or twist and try to clock Pacioretty in the exposed half of his face when they're already crammed in a scrum. This is also ignoring the 40lbs. and 3 inches Max has on Grabovski

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