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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Great point. The signature playoff moment is what Lundqvist lacks, but I still maintain its because he lacks a good enough team to get him there.

Ill remember that Game 4 Bure moment for as long as I live. It buries a lot of other ugly Richter moments including:

- the 1992 Ron Francis goal from beyond the blueline
-1994 2nd round vs. Caps - Kevin Hatcher scores from his own end
-1994 Game 7 vs. Devils - late goal
-1994 Game 1 vs. Canucks - late goal
-1994 Game 5 vs. Canucks - a real stinker
So with all the playoff games Richter has played, you came up with only five 'ugly Richter moments'...nice!

Based on your criteria (which I do not necessarily agree with, like calling any late goal an ugly Richter moment) there are probably five 'ugly Lundqvist moments' in the Verizon Center alone!

I have to say, calling the Zelepukin goal an 'ugly Richter moment' is just you reaching for something bad to say about Richter. If you're going to blame the goalie for a guy standing at the doorstep getting 3-4 whacks at the puck without being touched, regardless of the time of the game, to be fair you'll have to blame Hank for goals like that as well...and that would NOT be fair!

Hank was amazing last night, which will likely be the post mortem for this series...when the goalie was amazing the team wasn't, and versa vice...see game 2.

Hank seemed pretty depressed last night...he needs to get it back together by tomorrow night, we're probably going to need another one of those amazing efforts in game four.

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